Finally Starting Again

I started this blog a year ago and stopped.  Have you done that with a project?  I am now determined to keep it going.  I thought I was disciplined and had a good work ethic.  I guess that was when I was really working for someone else that depended on me.  Now I have to apply that to my own self.

Welcome to Peggy’s Porch, Come Sit for a While

I envision this as a place for my friends, new friends and I will sit for a while.  I want to share my thoughts, activities, and some things I am making for my Etsy shop.

I am retired and now have time to do all the crafts I have wanted to do.  I have so many stored in my binders, Pinterest, and in my mind.  I am not making them and decided to open an Etsy store to try and sell some of them to pay for the supplies to make more.